Drop test

Drop test

Drop survivability is a critical reliability requirement in many industries. It is the best way to evaluate if the product meets the compliance standard. A reasonable survivable height is also critical in defining the reputation of robustness. Taking the cellphone drop for example, typical risks includes,

  • Housing catastrophic fracturing, cracking or dent
  • Cover glass cracking
  • Adhesive failure
  • Sealing failure
  • Internal module failure due to shock
  • PCB deflection
  • Internal clearance closure
  • Camera permanent deformation

Our experts have extensive experience in drop simulations. We can offer analysis starting from very early stage of a product design cycle and provide feedbacks rapidly to guide decisions.

Cellphone drop from 1.8m on rigid floor
Housing deformation and cover glass cracking is predicted

Slap drop is usually the worst condition in terms of shock due to multiple impacts

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